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Nike+iPod Hacked to make wireless car key

iFOB-11-MHacker Nathan Seidle at SparkFun Electronics has hacked his Nike+iPod pedometer to make a wireless car key.The reason I believe he gives is that he hates keys!  So  Nathan Seidle  rolled his own car-opener with a Nike+ dongle and receiver, an Arduino board, a Nike+iPod Serial to USB Adapter and some creative sabotage.

The only little problem he faced was that the range of the Nike+ was 50 feet so the trouble was the car locking and unlocking when in that range.To correct that he simply added tin foil wrappings which almost halved the frequency.

Read the entire Procedure.


Think Different: Safari Buttons


TGR has designed amazing Safari : think different buttons that add a new dimension to your page.AppleChipmunks has already requested for customized button.

Here is the code that needs to be added to your HTML.

Code Starts

<a href=”http://tgrblog.com/2009/04/27/html-safari-buttons/”><img class=”alignnone”
title=”Safari Think Different”
alt=”” width=”225″ height=”120″ /></a>

Code ends


Sandboxing Chrome on Mac: A Cakewalk

Google Chrome

Article Source :ArsTechnica

Google’s engineers are working steadily on a Mac OS X version of Chrome, its relatively young entry into the browser space dominated by IE on Windows, Safari on the Mac, and Firefox on both. The good news is that implementing Chrome’s signature sandboxed processes is a relative snap compared to Windows, or even Linux, due to the BSD roots of Mac OS X’s internals.

Google’s Chrome browser is most known for its unique approach to security, whereby each tab in the browser is handled by a separate, sandboxed process. In addition to providing additional protection against one problematic webpage or Web app taking the entire browser down, it provides the most secure browsing currently available on any platform. The sandbox effectively prevents a malicious webpage from accessing the rest of the system.


iPhone Rumours

It is that time of the year again when the world keeps on speculating the future products from Apple to be announced at the WWDC.This year the “rumourators” have a special love for the iPhone like the previous year.The top rumours are :

1)32 GB version

2)Video Support

3)A 4 GB version (yes that too is there)

32 Gb rumours

These rumours have recently acquired almost verisimilitude due to the update of the Inventory System of UK based reseller Carphone Warehouse.

The four place holders refer to an iPhone labelled “v3″ but of interest is two place holders for “IPhone 32GbV3 Black” and “IPhone 32GbV3 White”.It is however mentioned that placeholders on inventory systems are not necessarily a sure sign of a future product, in many cases they are guesses by staff at the retailer. The placeholders however fit with rumours of a 32GB iPhone. (source Apple Insider)


Video iPhone

The video version is another strong and almost certain release we are expecting to see.the rumour industry has further been fueled by the mysterious V3 versionsas shown in the image above.ANother fuel to the fire is the release of AT&T website picture that shows iPhone Video as a standard option.However it is notified that the change has not yet been found in the website.


Other rumours

Our friends at TGR have made life easier for all of us by creating a detailed expectancy index of all the rumoured features in the iPhone.The green symbolises Highest expectancy.

iPhone Probability


The Apple Cafe

Back in November 1996, just before Steve Jobs returned to his co funded company, Apple was planning in a direction very different from the Apple Store that we see today.The cocept was known as the Apple Cafe- a state of the art cyber cafes with health concious quality food on the cards for the users.It also promised facilities like Video Conferencing with other Diners, on Demand Movie Access and other feature that we see in today’s world.

Possible locations were supposed to include London, Paris, New York, Tokyo, and Sydney, Australia, among others. Apple was teaming up with Landmark Entertainment Group, Mega Bytes International, and the Artists Rights Foundation to make the announcement.

Sadly Apple was in very poor financial condition at that time and thus the project was quietly shelved.

The following images are the rendered ideas for the Apple Cafe by the actual project designers.

Source:  http://blog.guifx.com/2009/06/03/the-apple-store-that-almost-was/

Apple Cafe Apple Cafe2



A perfect picture for our Blog.

Taken from Flickr User Stephen Coles


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