Apple Chipmunks is an attempt to provide all sorts of information related to all the Apple products. Apple Chipmunk was launched on 2nd June,2009.We attempt to provide the Apple Users all the tools that would help them make their life easier after the first step of buying an Apple Product. The prime area of focus is the Apple Computers, the iPods and iPhone.Of course that does not prevent us from letting you know the latest hacks and tricks and product information about other marvelous Apple products.

Why Chipmunks?

The name “Apple Chipmunks” was inspired by the Chipmunks which have been a part of our childhood.Be that in the form of Chip n Dale or Alvin and the Chipmunks.It does not take an Einstein to realize that our Header image is inspired by the same with minimal Photoshopping. The posts are referred to as Nuts- continuing the analogy with the name. Comments are referred as Chatter on the Apple Chipmunk.In case of any query do leave a comment and one of the three Chipmunks will save your day by cracking the Nut for you. All the readers will be referred to as Chipmunks by the Blog and that shall be taken as a sign of harmony!

About Me

My name is Tuhin Kumar and I am a student at Netaji Subhas Institute of Technology , Delhi University , India, pursuing my engineering in Instrumentation and Control.Of course that does not really put me in a category of people who would be maintaining a Tech Blog. However, here I am doing it because I do not know of anyone who can teach me these things.So as a user I have to go through zillions of sites when I find trouble. APPLE CHIPMUNKS is another such source that would make sure the Nuts are cracked by the all you Chipmunks before you either break the sweet piece of technology or that Chiphead of yours!


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