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The Apple Cafe

Back in November 1996, just before Steve Jobs returned to his co funded company, Apple was planning in a direction very different from the Apple Store that we see today.The cocept was known as the Apple Cafe- a state of the art cyber cafes with health concious quality food on the cards for the users.It also promised facilities like Video Conferencing with other Diners, on Demand Movie Access and other feature that we see in today’s world.

Possible locations were supposed to include London, Paris, New York, Tokyo, and Sydney, Australia, among others. Apple was teaming up with Landmark Entertainment Group, Mega Bytes International, and the Artists Rights Foundation to make the announcement.

Sadly Apple was in very poor financial condition at that time and thus the project was quietly shelved.

The following images are the rendered ideas for the Apple Cafe by the actual project designers.


Apple Cafe Apple Cafe2

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