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Apple has new home

We have shiftedDear Readers, AppleChipmunks hasshifted domain and is now available at . We are now a blog using the powerful and are hosted on the powerful servers of WebhostingPad.The previous posts will remian here, however this is the last entry at

For all Apple related news and latest updates on the WWDC 09, please visit our new Website. Also, since we are very new , I would request each one of you to kindly forward the links to as many people you know.Also please feel free in registering at the site and writing comments  so that we can help you better.

We are also looking out for freelancer blog writers who can add to our information and posts bank at AppleCHipmunks. In case you also have a blog of your own and are willing to write for us we can also work forward with advertisements sharing.Feel free to comment or drop a mail at or

Another good news is that we will be following the WWDC 09 event very closely.SO please subscribe for minute to minute updates.

See you in a click at our new home!


Nike+iPod Hacked to make wireless car key

iFOB-11-MHacker Nathan Seidle at SparkFun Electronics has hacked his Nike+iPod pedometer to make a wireless car key.The reason I believe he gives is that he hates keys!  So  Nathan Seidle  rolled his own car-opener with a Nike+ dongle and receiver, an Arduino board, a Nike+iPod Serial to USB Adapter and some creative sabotage.

The only little problem he faced was that the range of the Nike+ was 50 feet so the trouble was the car locking and unlocking when in that range.To correct that he simply added tin foil wrappings which almost halved the frequency.

Read the entire Procedure.

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