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Sandboxing Chrome on Mac: A Cakewalk

Google Chrome

Article Source :ArsTechnica

Google’s engineers are working steadily on a Mac OS X version of Chrome, its relatively young entry into the browser space dominated by IE on Windows, Safari on the Mac, and Firefox on both. The good news is that implementing Chrome’s signature sandboxed processes is a relative snap compared to Windows, or even Linux, due to the BSD roots of Mac OS X’s internals.

Google’s Chrome browser is most known for its unique approach to security, whereby each tab in the browser is handled by a separate, sandboxed process. In addition to providing additional protection against one problematic webpage or Web app taking the entire browser down, it provides the most secure browsing currently available on any platform. The sandbox effectively prevents a malicious webpage from accessing the rest of the system.


The Newton ‘Virus’

Before you jump off to be excited about this piece of beauty (i.e if you have not already read or heard about it) let me tell you that this is a piece of Art that was a winning entry for an art Competition.The Newton Virus is a fun piece of software that makes your Mac behave as it would do in gravity ie the icons fall to the bottom of screen and move around if you move around your MAC.This feature uses the Motion Sensor technology present in MACS.

On a more serious note , this is not a virus.It is a piece of prank that you can play on your friends MAC and leave him /her truly speechless for the 1 min the virus runs before safely deleting itself.Also it has not been designed to cause any kind of Data Loss so that too is unlikely.

Here is a short video showing what I mean.


A Classic MAC vs Windows

Here is a classic warmer for the Famous MAC vs Windows campaign.

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