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Apple has new home

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iPhone Rumours

It is that time of the year again when the world keeps on speculating the future products from Apple to be announced at the WWDC.This year the “rumourators” have a special love for the iPhone like the previous year.The top rumours are :

1)32 GB version

2)Video Support

3)A 4 GB version (yes that too is there)

32 Gb rumours

These rumours have recently acquired almost verisimilitude due to the update of the Inventory System of UK based reseller Carphone Warehouse.

The four place holders refer to an iPhone labelled “v3″ but of interest is two place holders for “IPhone 32GbV3 Black” and “IPhone 32GbV3 White”.It is however mentioned that placeholders on inventory systems are not necessarily a sure sign of a future product, in many cases they are guesses by staff at the retailer. The placeholders however fit with rumours of a 32GB iPhone. (source Apple Insider)


Video iPhone

The video version is another strong and almost certain release we are expecting to see.the rumour industry has further been fueled by the mysterious V3 versionsas shown in the image above.ANother fuel to the fire is the release of AT&T website picture that shows iPhone Video as a standard option.However it is notified that the change has not yet been found in the website.


Other rumours

Our friends at TGR have made life easier for all of us by creating a detailed expectancy index of all the rumoured features in the iPhone.The green symbolises Highest expectancy.

iPhone Probability


One year later. Light-years ahead.

Apple has finally started putting up banners 6 days ahead of the WWDC 09. The central theme of the Banners this year seems to be the Mobile Apps and their development considering the new OS 3.0 firmware. The banner reads prominently “One year later. Light-years ahead.” which is symbollic of the App Store that was launched a year ago and had recently completed 1 billion downloads in the short span.

These pictures of the Banners at the Moscone West were put up by Flickr user Adam Jackson.

1 2

3 4

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